Beautiful Singing

“Do you hear that beautiful singing?” asked Mama Acorn. “I’ve never heard that song on the radio before.”

“That isn’t the radio,” said Papa Acorn.

“Where is it coming from?” asked Mama Acorn.Papa¬† stepped outside onto the front porch and looked down from the branch of the oak tree the Acorn family lived on.

Down on the ground, he spotted a young troll sitting on a picnic bench, strumming his guitar and singing.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Mama, following him onto the porch. “That is Billy Troll!”

“You are right,” said Papa Acorn, recognizing the voice. “It is him.”

“I would love to meet him,” said Mama Acorn.

“Unfortunately,” said Papa Acorn. “I don’t think that is going to happen. I don’t see a singer like Billy Troll, climbing a tree.”

“No,” admitted Mama. “You are right. He has no reason to climb a tree.”

Mama listened to Billy sing for a few more minutes and then she remembered she had turned the kettle on inside the house. She turned to go inside but her foot slipped off the branch and she tumbled down to the ground, landing only inches away from where Billy was sitting.

“And where did you come from?” Billy asked as he lifted Mama Acorn up in his hand.

Mama was mesmerized by Billy and she couldn’t speak. She pointed to the oak tree behind them and they could see Papa Acorn waving to them.

Billy laid his guitar down and he climbed the tree so he could return Mama Acorn to Papa.
‘Thank you!” cried Mama, finally regaining her composure. “Thank you Billy Troll!”

“Falling acorns,” sang Billy as he climbed back down the tree. “Down, down, down on this beautiful autumn day. Falling acorns, come what may.”

“I love your new song,” said Mama, laughing.

“I thought you might,” waved Billy as he grabbed his guitar and walked away.

The next morning Mama and Papa were listening to the radio and they smiled as they heard the beautiful singing of Billy Troll singing his new acorn song.


Moral of this Story:

  • Music can be beautiful.
  • Example: Mama and Papa Acorn heard the beautiful singing of Billy Troll.

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