Celebrating Green

“I want to surprise the Pea Pod family,” said Farmer Ted. “It is St. Patrick’s Day and we know how much they love the colour green. I want to decorate the entire house in green.”

“That sounds wonderful,” said Farmer Ted’s wife, Sue. “I have a special green surprise for them too.”

“This is wonderful,” said Farmer Ted. “The Pea Pod family will be thrilled.”

“They certainly will be,” said Sue.

Farmer Ted worked on the decorations while Sue kept herself busy in the kitchen. She made some St. Patrick’s Day cookies and put some green icing on top with green sparkles and green candy bits.

Once Farmer Ted was finished decorating and Sue was finished with her baking, they brought the Pea Pod family downstairs.

“Oh my!” cried Mommy Pea Pod. “This is beautiful. Everything is green. I can’t believe you did all this for us. We love the colour green.”

“It is St. Patrick’s day today,” said Farmer Ted. “St. Patrick’s Day is our green celebration.”

Sue brought out the baked goods which were all beautiful green colours. Farmer Ted pinned green shamrocks onto each of the Pea Pods.

“So, where is your surprise?” asked Farmer Ted.

“It will be here in any minute,” said Sue.

A few minutes later there was a knock on the door. Sue went to answer it.

“Okay everyone close their eyes,” she announced.

Farmer Ted and the Pea Pods all closed their eyes.

“Okay,” shouted Sue, hardly able to contain her excitement. “Open your eyes!”

“Oh dear,” cried Daddy Pea Pod, seeing a real-life leprechaun dancing in the middle of the kitchen floor. “This is the best celebration of green, ever!”

Sissy and Baby Pea Pod danced with the leprechaun. They were having the time of their life.

“This is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for us,” said Daddy Pea Pod, taking Mommy Pea Pod by the hand and dancing with her.

“This is so much fun!” said Mommy Pea Pod, swirling around.

“That is because we love you,” said Farmer Ted.

“Look,” said the leprechaun. “Stop all this mushy nonsense. We don’t want mushy peas. Now, who wants a pot of gold?”


Moral of this Story:

  • St. Patrick’s Day is a time for celebration.
  • Example: Farmer Ted and Sue celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with the Pea Pod family because they know how much they love the colour green.

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