Say Goodbye to Winter

It was the end of winter and the Winter Jellies were extremely sad. They loved winter and everything about it.

“I sure am going to miss the frosty winter mornings,” said Peppermint. “I loved how the frost would hang down off the limbs of the trees and glisten in the sun.”

“I loved the cold brisk wind on our faces and how we would have to gasp for breath as the cold air would hit our lungs,” said Spearmint. “I will definitely miss that.”

“I will miss the snow,” said Citrus. “All that glorious white snow, so fluffy and soft. What will we do? I am going to winter so much.”

“We will just have to endure the next three seasons,” said Peppermint.

“It will be tough,” said Spearmint. “But, we can do it.”

“Let’s enjoy what we do have,” said Citrus. “There are still a few more days left.”

“Yes,” said Peppermint. “Let’s go and enjoy the rest of winter.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Winter is a hard season for most of us to miss.
  • Example: The Winter Jellies found several things they would miss about winter.

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