Rat Boy Buys Mother Flowers for Mother’s Day

“Cecilia,” said Rat Boy to his baby sister. “Mother’s Day is coming up. We really need to do something special for her. She does everything for us.”

“She does,” said Cecilia. “I love Mother very much.”

“I do too,” said Rat Boy.

“Why don’t we buy her flowers?” suggested Cecilia.

“That is a good idea,” said Rat Boy.

“She loves those pretty blue ones,” said Cecilia.

“Yes she does,” said Rat Boy. “They are called bluebells.”

“They look like little bells,” said Cecilia.

“I bet they are expensive,” said Rat Boy.

“Probably,” said Cecilia. “I have some money.”

Cecilia went into her room and got her piggy bank. She had $6.58.

“I don’t think that will be enough,” said Rat Boy, getting his own piggybank out. “I have $36.00. That and your money should be enough.”

“I thought you were saving your money for that new video game,” said Cecilia.

“I was,” said Rat Boy. “But I think Mother is more important.”

Rat Boy got Cecilia dressed. The two rats took their money and went to the florist.

“We would like to buy our Mother some flowers for Mother’s Day,” said Rat Boy.

“She really loves bluebells,” said Cecilia.

“You are in luck,” said the florist. “We have a sale on bluebell arrangements.”

“How much?” asked Rat Boy.

“$22.00,” said the florist.

Rat Boy counted out the $22.00 and handed it to the florist.

“We have enough to buy Mother a nice card and a box of chocolates too,” said Rat Boy.

Rat Boy and Cecilia didn’t want to wait for Mother’s Day to give her the flowers so when she came home from work that evening, the flowers, card and chocolates were sitting on the kitchen table.

“Oh my!” cried Mother, admiring the flowers. “Thank you so much. They are beautiful.”

“Rat Boy used up all the money he was saving for that video game he wanted,” said Cecilia. “I used up my allowance too.”

“Well,” said Mother. “That was very kind of the two of you. I have a surprise for the two of you.”

Mother went into the hallway and brought in a shopping bag to the kitchen.

“Cecilia,” said Mother, handing Cecilia a beautiful new dress. “This is for you.”

“Oh this is the dress I wanted,” said Cecilia. “Thank you!”

“You are welcome,” said Mother.” Rat Boy, when I was at the department store today, they had your video game on sale so I bought it for you.”

“Oh Mother!” cried Rat Boy. “Thank you so much!”

Mother and her two children had the best Mother’s Day celebration and they were each so grateful for their love they shared.

“Happy Mother’s Day,” said Cecilia.

“Happy Mother’s Day,” said Rat Boy. “We love you so much.”

“Thank you for everything,” said Mother. “You too have made this the best Mother’s Day ever.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to think of other’s instead of yourself.
  • Example: Rat Boy gave up the money he was saving to buy a video game with to get flowers for Mother on Mother’s Day.
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