“D” is for Dragon

Alphabet Allie was visiting her friend, Donald. Donald lived in a dingy dungeon.

“‘D’ is for dingy and dungeon,” said Allie. “What will we do today?”

“‘D’ is also for dangerous and dragon,” said Donald. “Do you want to help me catch a dangerous dragon?”

“That sounds like fun,” said Allie. “Let’s do that.”

Donald knelt down on his hands and knees and he pulled out two daggers from under his dresser.

“‘D’ is for dagger and for dresser,” said Allie, taking one of the daggers from Donald.

“‘D’ is for dull,” said Donald, taking the dagger back from her. “Your dagger is really dull. I need to sharpen it for you.”

“‘D’ is for daylight,” said Allie. “You should take the dagger over to the window so you can sharpen it in the daylight. It is much too dark in here.”

“‘D’ is for dark,” said Donald. “I don’t want to sharpen the dagger in the dark.”

Donald took the dagger over to the window and he sharpened it in the daylight.

“‘D’ is for day,” said Allie, looking out Donald’s window. “It looks like a beautiful summer day outside.”

Donald handed Allie the sharpened dagger and they walked toward a very large wooden door.

“‘D’ is for door,” said Donald. “Be ready with your dagger because once I open the wooden door, we are going to see the dragon.”

“‘D’ is for dreaming,” said Allie, once Donald opened the wooden door. “Look, the dragon is sleeping and it looks like he is dreaming.”

Allie and Donald closed the door and left the dragon to his dream.


Moral of this Story:

  • Never wake a dreaming dragon.
  • Example: Alphabet Allie and Donald closed the door when they saw the dragon was dreaming.

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