“C” is for Cottage

Allie Alphabet was at a cottage with her friend, Celeste. It was a beautiful summer weekend. The cottage was gorgeous.

“This is a very nice cottage,” said Allie. “‘C’ is for cottage.”

“‘C’ is also for chipmunk,” said Celeste, pointing to a chipmunk running across the front lawn.

“Look at the chipmunk sitting beside a cedar tree,” said Allie. “‘C’ is for cedar.”

“‘C’ is also for canoe,” said Celeste’s father, who just came outside. “Who wants to go for a canoe ride?”

“We do! We do!” exclaimed Allie and Celeste together, jumping for joy.

Celeste’s father took the two girls out in the canoe. They were having such a good time. It was nice to be out on the lake.

“The water is very calm,” said Allie. “‘C’ is for calm.”

“It is nice to breathe in the fresh country air,” said Celeste. “‘C’ is for country.”

After the canoe ride, Allie and Celeste went inside the cottage and sat down for dinner.

“This fried chicken is good,” said Allie. “‘C’ is for chicken.”

“‘C’ is also for chocolate and cake,” said Celeste’s Mother. “Make sure you save some room for some.”

“This bed is so comfortable,” said Allie that night at bedtime. “‘C’ is for comfortable.”

Allie thanked Celeste and her parents for a wonderful weekend.

“Please come again soon,” said Celeste’s Mother.

“‘C’ is for come,” said Allie. “And it would be my pleasure.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Going to the cottage is always fun.
  • Example: Alphabet Allie had fun at Celeste’s cottage.

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