“B” is for Breakfast

Allie Alphabet was at her friend, Betsy’s house for a sleepover.

“Do you want some breakfast?” asked Betsy, the next morning. “We have some bacon.”

“‘B’ is for breakfast,” said Allie.

“It is also for bacon,” said Betsy, getting the bacon out of the fridge.

“I love bacon for breakfast,” said Allie.

“I do too,” said Betsy.

Allie helped Betsy with breakfast. She got out the bread and butter and made some toast.

“‘B’ is for bread and also for butter,” said Allie, waiting for the bread to pop out of the toaster.

“‘B’ is also for blueberry jam,” said Betsy, getting a jar of blueberry jam out of the fridge.

“Would you like to go to the beach and play ball?” asked Betsy’s dad, coming into the kitchen to help the girls with breakfast.

“‘B’ is for beach and ball,” said Allie.

“Yes it is,” said Betsy’s dad. “It is also for bathing suit and beach towel.”

Allie and Betsy both changed into their bathing suits and Betsy lent Allie a beach towel to borrow.

“‘B’ is for borrow,” said Allie.

“‘B’ is also for back,” said Betsy. “Please make sure that I get the beach towel back that I let you borrow.”

“That sun sure is bright,” said Betsy’s dad, as he drove to the beach.

“‘B’ is for bright,” said Allie.

“It sure is,” said Betsy’s dad. “Make sure you girls put some sunscreen on when we get to the beach. We don’t want you to burn.”

“‘B’ is for burn,” said Allie. “And, we don’t want to burn.”

Allie and Betsy had a lot of fun at the beach that day. They enjoyed themselves very much.

“Bye!” waved Allie, when Betsy and her dad dropped her off at home. “Thanks for the great day!”

“‘B’ is for bye,” waved Betsy.

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