Sour Puss

“Hey,” said Bandit. “What is that little kitten doing over there in the corner all by himself?”

“I don’t know,” said Little Bear. “I’ve never seen him before.”

“Well,” said Bandit. “Why don’t we go and find out who he is?”

“Sure,” said Little Bear.

Little Bear and Bandit went over to where the little kitten was sitting.

“Hi there,” said Bandit.

“Hi,” said the little kitten, grumpily.

“What is your name?” asked Bandit. “My name is Bandit and this is my friend, Little Bear.”

“My name is Sour Puss,” said the little kitten even more grumpier than before.

“No wonder,” said Little Bear, under his breath.

“What are you doing here all by yourself?” asked Bandit.

“I’m all alone,” said Sour Puss. “My parents just left me.”

“Oh you poor thing,” said Little Bear, again under his breath.

“I heard that,” said Sour Puss. “That wasn’t very nice.”

“Well,” said Little Bear. “I am so sorry but you just sound so grouchy and maybe that is why your parents just left you.”

“Little Bear!” exclaimed Bandit. “That is no way to talk to Sour Puss.”

“No,” said Sour Puss. “You know, Little Bear might be right. Maybe I drove my parents away by being so grouchy.”

Sour Puss felt just terrible. He was convinced that he had driven his parents away. He decided that he would have to start being nice if he wanted to have his friends and family near him.

“Listen,” said Sour Puss. “I’m really sorry for being so grouchy. Will you two be my friends?”

“Sure,” said Little Bear. “We will be your friends.”

“Now,” said Bandit. “What about your parents? We can help you find them. When did you last see them?”

“About an hour ago,” said Sour Puss. “They said they were going to go grocery shopping. They haven’t come back yet.”

“Okay,” said Bandit. “Do you know what store they went to?”

Sour Puss pointed to a grocery story just around the corner and when he looked real close, he saw his parents coming toward him.

“Oh look,” said Sour Puss. “It is Mommy and Daddy!”

Sour Puss was so glad to see his parents that he gave them a great big hug and kiss.

“Wow!” exclaimed his Mother. “What has gotten into you son, it is like you didn’t think we were coming back?”

“Yeah,” said his Father. “We were only gone for about an hour.”

Sour Puss smiled and he promised himself that he would never be grouchy ever again.

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