Valentine’s Day Safety

I visited recently with the Poor Mountain Family. They live in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada. The Poor Mountain Family are also characters on the Bed Tyme Tales website.

Now right about the time I visited with them, it was getting close to Valentine’s Day and the Poor Mountain Family wanted to celebrate. However, as they made their plans, I did notice several safety issues.

Poor Mountain Mother wanted to do some baking for the special day. She was trying to reach an ingredient that was on the top shelf of the cupboard and she almost slipped on the stool that she was standing on. I held onto the stool for her and helped her down safely.

“Thank you,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “I could have tripped and hurt myself.”

“Yes,” I said. “You have to be very careful when standing on a stool.”

Poor Mountain Father was hanging up some Valentine’s Day decorations in the living room and he ended up with the streamers draped over his eyes. He couldn’t see a thing and he just about hit his head on the doorway but luckily, I was there to help him.

“Thank you,” said Poor Mountain Father.

“You are welcome,” I said. “But you have to be careful when putting up decorations.”

“Yes,” said Poor Mountain Father. “I know.”

Poor Mountain Brother and Poor Mountain Sister were busy wrapping up a special Valentine’s gift for their mother, when I noticed that Poor Mountain Brother had his fingers right where Poor Mountain Sister was going to cut a piece of ribbon.

“Oh thank you,” said Poor Mountain Sister. “I never saw his finger there.”

All in all, with my help, the Poor Mountain Family did have a safe and happy Valentine’s Day.


Moral of this Story:

  • Always be safe.
  • Example: Poor Mountain Sister was going to cut a piece of ribbon but Safety Kid noticed that Poor Mountain Brother’s fingers were in the way.
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