Batty Meets a Witch

Batty was walking along the country road one Halloween night, after a Halloween party. It was dark and eerie. The moon was shining brightly at the one end of the street, the far end from where Batty was. The moonbeams were spilling out onto the street.

Up ahead, where the moon was shining bright, Batty saw a black shadow flying through the air. He thought it looked like a witch on a broomstick but he wasn’t sure. It went by way too quick.

Batty started walking up that street toward the moon. As soon as he got halfway up the street, he glanced over his right shoulder. He saw the same shadow again. He stopped right where he was and soon the shadow came and stood right beside him.

“Hello,” said Batty. “Who are you?”

The shadow cackled back at Batty. Batty turned and took a good look at the shadow. It wasn’t a shadow anymore. It was a witch.

“Are you a real witch or are you just dressed up for Halloween?” asked Batty.

“I am a real witch,” said the witch. “My name is Emily.”

“Emily the Witch,” said Batty. “Where have I heard that name before? Anyway, my name is Batty.”

“I’ve met you before,” said Emily. “You were at a Halloween party last year.”

“Emily,” said Batty. “Now I know who you are? You were the one that won the Halloween costume party.”

“Yes,” said Emily. “That is right. I wanted to win the Halloween costume party this year.”

“But that other witch won it,” said Batty. “She looked like a really good witch.”

“She was a good witch,” said Emily. “However, good witches don’t make the best witch. When you think of witches, does the good image enter your mind or does a bad image enter it first.”

“Bad,” said Batty.

“Then why did the judges pick her over me?” asked Emily.

“Okay,” said Batty. “You want the honest truth.”

“Yes,” said Emily. “I do. Tell me why you think I didn’t win.”

“People like witches, but they are sick of the bad witches,” said Batty. “See there is just too much bad going on in the world. People want good things to happen.”

Emily the Witch went home that night and decided that she was going to turn into a good witch instead of a bad one. That next Halloween Batty saw Emily on the same street as he saw her the year before.

“I see you won the contest this year,” said Batty. “Congratulations.”

“I gave up my crown for this year,” said Emily.

“What?” asked Batty. “Why did you do that?”

“Well that good witch from last year turned bad,” said Emily. “So I wanted her to turn good again. It doesn’t suit her personality to be bad. This town can only handle one bad witch.”

“True,” said Batty, smiling to himself, not wanting to tell Emily that he was pleased with her for doing such a good deed.


Moral of this Story:

  • Bad witches can turn into good ones.
  • Example: Batty was pleased that Emily the Witch turned into a good witch.

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