Vamp’s Halloween

“What are we going to do on Halloween night?” asked Melinda.

“I thought we could go trick-or-treating,” said Vamp.

“Are you kidding?” asked Melinda. “We can’t trick-or-treat.”

“Why?” asked Vamp. “Is it because we are too old?”

“No,” said Melinda. “It has nothing to do with our age. It has to do with our heritage.”

“You mean because we are a vampire we can’t celebrate Halloween,” said Vamp.

“Sort of,” said Melinda. “It is because we are good vampires. We don’t celebrate Halloween.”

“Why can’t we promote our goodness?” asked Vamp. “Even though it is Halloween, we can still do good deeds.”

“Hmmm,” thought Melinda. “You know, you are right. We could do a lot of good deeds on Halloween night. There are a lot of things that happen on Halloween night that could be prevented.”

Melinda and Vamp decided that they would dress as vampires but they did not choose the classic black coloured cape for their costume. Instead they wore a blue cape.

Halloween night came and Melinda and Vamp decided to go downtown because they knew there would be a lot of children trick-or-treating there.

“There is something strange happening at that house,” said Vamp, noticing the people who were coming in and out of that house were not children but full-grown adults.

“Yes,” said Melinda. “I see what you are talking about. I wonder….”

Vamp and Melinda both walked up the laneway to the house. When they got up to the front door, they were greeted by a very sly looking man in his late thirties.

“What can we get you?” asked the man.

“What are you offering?” asked Vamp.

“Lots and lots of adult candies,” said the man.

Melinda and Vamp realized right then and there what they had uncovered. This was a drug house. They both knew that if they weren’t going to get out of there if they didn’t purchase anything because it was going to look very odd. Melinda motioned to Vamp that some people were mingling in the big dining room.

“I think we’ll have to think about it some more,” said Vamp, following Melinda into the dining room.

In the dining room there were several people standing around waiting for a man to bring them little packets of adult candy. Vamp noticed out of the corner of his eye that there was a young girl lying on the bathroom floor just ahead of where they were standing. Vamp and Melinda went over to the bathroom and saw the girl thrashing her head against the wall. The girls eyelids started to flutter and she fell down onto the floor, lifeless.

“Vamp,” said Melinda. “I really think this girl needs our help.”

“Yes,” said Vamp, bending over toward the girl, baring her neck with one hand, not wanting to waste too much time.

Vamp sucked life into the girl’s neck and within minutes, the girl was sitting up and was alive and alert.

“Oh thank you,” said the girl. “You just saved my life.”

“You are welcome,” said Vamp. “Now what is a nice girl like you doing in a place like this to start with?”

“I came with my boyfriend,” said the girl. “He must have slipped something into my drink.”

“We have to get you out of here,” said Melinda.

“Where is your boyfriend now?” asked Vamp.

“He’s upstairs,” said the girl.

“I want you to stand up and act like you are still high,” said Vamp. “Melinda and I will pretend to be helping you out the door.”

Melinda and Vamp each put their arms around the girl’s shoulders and she pretended to stagger.

“Here,” said the man at the front door. “Let me get the door for you.”

“Thank you,” said Vamp.

“Don’t forget to come back and get your candy,” said the man.

“We’ll be back,” said Melinda.

Vamp and Melinda took the girl to a nearby coffee shop and then they called the police. The police met them at the coffee shop and the three of them told the police what had happened at the house.

Within an hour the house was surrounded by dozens of police cruisers and dozens of people were escorted out of the house and into the cruisers.

“Well done,” said Vamp to the police officer, once everyone in that house had been arrested and hauled away. “We want to thank you and the two girls for your part in this. Without you stumbling upon this house we would not have been able to make the arrests.”

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