Hi everyone, this is the Colour Kid. I’m going to speak to you about the colour grey. Grey, to me, is not a colour that I can say that I like. It is a dull colour and a very depressing colour. It is not a warm colour like the colour blue or red. It is not a bright colour like yellow or orange. It is just dull and boring.

Grey puts me in a bad mood. Take for instance, when you wake up and look outside and see grey clouds in the sky. What does it make you feel like? To me, it makes me feel depressed and it makes me feel like just going back to bed and staying there for the rest of the day.

Sidewalks are a grey in colour. I don’t mind sidewalks too much because they are very useful. Sidewalks make it easier to walk around city streets. Sidewalks are so much easier to walk on in bad weather. At least if it was raining or snowing out, you can keep your shoes or boots relatively clean because you won’t have to walk on mud or slush. Sidewalks can be slippery though when they are wet or when they are covered in ice.

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