Autumn Elf Makes Autumn a Happy Time

Autumn Elf was walking through town on a very dull autumn day. It seemed to him that everyone he talked to was very depressed.

“I am in a bad mood today,” said Autumn Elf’s sister, Stella. “Autumn is making me so depressed.”

“I am so tired these days,” said Frankton, an elderly elf. “This autumn season is really making me depressed.”

Autumn Elf couldn’t believe how everyone was unhappy and depressed. He had to do something to cheer everyone up.

“An autumn dance would be the perfect thing to cheer this town up,” thought Autumn Elf to himself. “There would be bright coloured streamers, bright lights and lots of upbeat music.”

He explained his idea to his sister. He was surprised when she said no but he wasn’t going to take no for an answer. He wanted Stella to be there. He wanted to cheer her up.

“I don’t want to go,” said Stella for the umpteenth time.

“Come on,” said Autumn Elf. “It will be a lot of fun. You love music and I know you love to dance.”

“I am not in the mood,” said Stella.

“If you come,” said Autumn Elf. “I will let you dance with me.”

“You mean it,” said Stella, who loved the way Autumn Elf danced.

“Yes,” said Autumn Elf. “I mean it.”

“In that case,” said Stella. “I will go.”

The night of the dance came around. Autumn Elf was very happy to see that almost everyone showed up. Everyone was dancing and eating and having a great time. Even Frankton was up on the dance floor, dancing up a storm.

As promised, Autumn Elf danced with Stella. He showed Stella a few new dance moves and he was impressed at how quickly she caught on.

At the end of the night, the whole town applauded Autumn Elf for what he had done for them.

“You have made autumn a happy time,” said Frankton, shaking Autumn Elf’s hand goodnight. “Thank you for cheering up this town. We needed it.”

Autumn Elf was very pleased that his idea made such a difference and that the people of the town were no longer depressed.


Moral of this Story:

  • Autumn can be a happy time.
  • Example: Autumn Elf made autumn a happy time and everyone was very happy.

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