Arrow and Cutie’s Autumn Adventure

Arrow and Cutie are two beautiful furry cats that live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. They are both indoor cats and they both love sitting on the window ledge, looking outside.

“Look at all the leaves that are falling off the trees,” said Arrow. “There are lots of them.”

“Yes,” said Cutie. “There are lots.”

“It would be so much fun to go outside and play in the leaves,” said Arrow.

“It would,” said Cutie.

Cutie jumped down from the window ledge and headed for the front door.

“You are silly,” said Arrow. “You will not get out the door. We are indoor cats.”

“I want to be an outdoor cat,” said Cutie. “I want to play in the leaves.”

“It is too dangerous outside,” said Arrow. “Do you want coyotes and big dogs to get you?”

“No,” said Cutie.

Cutie jumped back up onto the window ledge and continued to watch the leaves. Both Arrow and Cutie had the saddest look on their faces.

“Why the sad faces?” asked Mommy when she saw Arrow and Cutie looking out the window. “What are you two looking at?”

Mommy walked over to the window and she saw the leaves falling.

“Is that what you two are so sad about?” asked Mommy. “You two want to play in the leaves?”

Arrow and Cutie both meowed. Mommy had an idea. She didn’t want the cats to go outside because of the dangers they could face from other animals, so she thought that she would bring the outside to them.

She went outside and gathered up some leaves. Then she laid a blanket down on the floor. Arrow and Cutie were very curious as to what Mommy was doing, so they both laid down on the blanket. Mommy took a few leaves in her hands and she dropped them on top of the two cats.

Arrow and Cutie loved it. They both sat up and swatted at the leaves. Once Mommy had dropped all of them, she arranged the leaves into a big pile. Arrow and Cutie both jumped into the pile of leaves over and over again. They had so much fun.

Soon, the two cats were very tired. They both fell asleep on the blanket. There were leaves scattered all over the floor but Mommy knew a broom and dust pan would clean that up quickly. It was more important to her that Arrow and Cutie enjoyed a little autumn adventure.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to keep cats indoors.
  • Example: Arrow and Cutie are both indoor cats and they enjoy their lives indoors.

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