Halloween Safety at the Shopping Mall

It was Halloween in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Zimba Zombie had just finished feeding lunch to his grandma.

“Go to the mall,” said Grandma. “I know it is Halloween. Go have some fun.”

“Thank you,” said Zimba.

Grandma was the only person in the family that stuck by Zimba after he was turned into a zombie. Zimba loves and respects her for that. Zimba and Grandma live on their family ranch. Halloween is the only day of the year that he leaves the ranch.

Every Halloween Zimba walks to the mall in Saskatoon. While at the mall, Zimba walks around at first. Some people comment on his costume telling him it is very real looking and others are absolutely terrified of him. Someone always complains and that results in Zimba being chased through the mall by security guards. Zimba runs as fast as he can go and for some reason, even though he can only use his one foot, he can always outrun the security guards.

This particular Halloween, Zimba ran as fast as he could. He kept running through the mall and when he reached the outside of the mall, he was still running.

“Oh dear!” exclaimed Zimba, when he bumped into someone outside. “Are you okay? I am very sorry.”

The person Zimba ran into was Safety Kid. Safety Kid just happened to be at the mall doing some shopping.

“I am okay,” said Safety Kid. “But it is a very unsafe practice for you to be running through the mall. You do know that you can cause someone some severe damage if you were to knock them over.”

“Yes,” said Zimba. “I do realize that. I am very sorry. I just get so caught up in the chase that I don’t think about the safety aspect.”

“Tell me,” said Safety Kid. “Why were you running through the mall?”

“It is just something I do every Halloween,” explained Zimba. “Halloween is actually the only day of the year I come into town. Because I have been turned into a zombie for real, I don’t feel comfortable around people. At least on Halloween, people don’t realize this isn’t a costume.”

“That I can understand,” said Safety Kid. “Why do you run though?”

“I start out just walking around the mall but then someone always complains about me,” said Zimba. “Then the security guards chase me. Once they start chasing me, I run.”

“I have a suggestion,” said Safety Kid. “Why don’t you start coming to the mall more regularly? That way, people would get to know you and then they wouldn’t be so afraid.”

“You know,” thought Zimba, aloud. “That is actually a very good idea.”

Zimba did start going to the mall more frequently and he did find that people were a lot less afraid.

“Safety Kid was right,” said Zimba, feeling much more confident in himself.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is not a good idea to run when you are at a mall.
  • Example: Zimba Zombie ran through the mall but he almost knocked over Safety Kid.

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