Fear of Peanut Butter

“Are you going to come trick-or-treating with me this Halloween?” asked Peanut’s best friend, Beth.

“Yes,” said Peanut. “I would love to.”

“Wonderful,” said Beth. “You don’t even have to dress up.”

“No,” laughed Peanut, walking ahead of Beth. “I don’t. I can just go as I am, a peanut plant. What are you going to dress up as?”

“Peanut,” said Beth, laughing at how Peanut walks when he is happy. “I can tell that you are happy. When you are happy you walk with a dance to your step.”

“Well,” said Peanut. “I am happy. I love living here in North Battleford, Saskatchewan. I love having you as my best friend and I am so grateful that I fell off that delivery truck last year.”

“Me too,” said Beth. “Because if you didn’t, you’d be a jar of peanut butter by now. Speaking of peanut butter, I am thinking about being a jar of peanut butter for Halloween.”

“No!” cried Peanut, running at full speed ahead of Beth.

“I’m sorry,” said Beth, catching up to Peanut. “That was mean of me. Give me a hug.”

Peanut wrapped his long arms around Beth. He felt better.

“I didn’t realize that you still had a fear of peanut butter,” said Beth.

“I do,” said Peanut.

One year ago, Peanut was on a delivery truck on his way to a processing plant & be made into peanut butter. Lucky for him, the delivery truck went over a huge bump and he fell off the truck.

“You don’t ever have to worry about being turned into peanut butter,” said Beth. “Everyone here in North Battleford loves you. They would never let anything happen to you and I love you too. I will never let anything happen to you, either.”

Peanut gave Beth another huge hug. He felt so much better.

“As for Halloween,” said Beth. “I am going to dress up like a peanut and then we can be twins.”

“That sounds perfect,” said Peanut, walking ahead of Beth with a dance in his step.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to comfort someone when they are afraid.
  • Example: Peanut’s best friend, Beth, comforted him after he admitted that he still has a fear of peanut butter.

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