Halloween Horror

Fawn and Spot were sitting on the front steps of the porch. It was Halloween night and they had just seen the last of the trick-or-treaters go up the laneway. All of a sudden, Fawn saw an orange glow from the field behind him.

“Spot,” said Fawn. “Did you see that glow?”

“What glow?” asked Spot, getting up to look at the place Fawn was pointing at.

“That glow,” said Fawn, seeing it again and pointing toward it so Spot could see it.

“That is strange,” said Spot.

Fawn and Spot decided they would go see what was flashing. When they got to the general area that they thought the flash was coming from, the flashing stopped.

“Very strange,” said Fawn.

Fawn and Spot went back up to the barn and this time they saw a couple more flashes coming in the same direction as the other one.

“Spot,” said Fawn. “I’m getting scared.”

“I know,” said Spot. “I feel the same way. I don’t know what to say about it.”

“Let’s go see Mr. Hansen,” said Fawn. “Maybe he knows what it is.”

“Good idea,” said Spot.

Fawn and Spot went up to the main house. There were no lights on at the house at all.

“Okay,” said Fawn. “What is going on here? Mr. Hansen said he was going to stay home tonight.”

“Mrs. Hansen should be home from work already too,” said Spot.

“Oh Spot,” said Fawn. “What are we going to do now? I am so scared.”

“Okay,” said Spot, trying not to let her fear show. “We need to first find out where the Hansen’s are and then we need to find out what is causing the flashes.”

“Good idea,” said Fawn.

Fawn and Spot went back to the main house. They knocked at the front door and there was no answer. They opened the door and the house was dark inside. Fawn found the light switch and turned it on. The light did not come on.

“Spot,” said Fawn. “Something is going on here. I don’t like this at all.”

Fawn was really getting scared and Spot was too but she had to be strong and not let Fawn see how upset she was. She had to remain strong.

“Okay,” said Spot. “This is what we are going to. I am going to go back to the barn and get a flashlight. You are going to stay right here until I come back.”

Spot left the main house and started up the laneway toward the barn. She noticed that Mr. Hansen’s pickup truck was behind the barn. There were orange lights flashing .

“What is going on?” Spot asked Mr. Hansen when she saw him getting into the truck. “Fawn and I were starting to get really worried about you.”

“Oh,” said Mr. Hansen. “I was just checking on the horses out in the back field.”

“Ah,” said Spot. “That explains the flashing orange lights out in the field.”

Meanwhile, up at the main house, Fawn decided he would try the light in the kitchen. He tripped over something that was in the hallway and fell. When he fell, he hurt himself really bad. Mrs. Hansen, who was upstairs in the house, came downstairs and saw Fawn on the floor.

“Fawn, Fawn,” said Mrs. Hansen. “Are you alright? You fell down.”

Fawn sat up and was a little dazed at first. He soon came around and was so glad to see Mrs. Hansen’s face. He started crying. Spot and Mr. Hansen came into the house and told Fawn about the orange lights that they saw earlier.

“I am so glad,” said Fawn. “I was getting pretty scared.”

“So was I,” said Spot.

“You were?” asked Fawn. “I couldn’t tell.”

“Good,” said Spot. “I didn’t want to worry you.”

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