Halloween Story

I used to love going trick-or-treating as a kid. When I was a kid we usually made homemade costumes. I remember one year my Mother made me a costume from scratch. It was a very pretty costume too. She made me a princess costume. I had a lace shawl and she made a crown out of cardboard and we decorated it with gold paint and fake jewels. Mom even let me have makeup on my face. Mom told me I was a very pretty princess.

I remember my sister and I would walk from house to house with our little pillow cases. We usually ended up getting almost a full pillow case each of candy. Sometimes we got candy apples as a treat and cans of pop and bags of chips. I used to love the candy apples. They were so good. However, Mom always carefully checked our candy out very carefully before we were ever allowed to eat a bite. Even back then, we still had problems with people putting razors in candy and poisoned candy.

As we got a little older, the fun of Halloween had lost its interest in us kids. We did not want to trick-or-treat anymore. It seemed a lot of work getting dressed up and going from house to house. It wasn’t that we were lazy, but we lived in the country and it was a fair walk to go from house to house and because the difference was so great we barely got any candy. It just really wasn’t worth it.

Mom decided one year that we could have a Halloween party. Now, that was fun. My sister and I invited a few of our best friends over. My Mom made a huge orange cake with black licorice pieces in the icing. That cake was so good. My friends loved it. My sister was always good at decorating so we left that chore to her. She made a ghost out of an old sheet and she made a vampire bride dressed in a wedding dress with red paint down the front of it to make it look like blood. She did a really good job.

It is funny how much fun we used to have at Halloween and how Halloween now is really nothing like it used to be but then we made our own fun too.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to create your own fun on Halloween.
  • Example: We were getting too old to go trick-or-treating so we had a Halloween party instead.

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