Pirate Pete’s Halloween Party

“Hey crew!” shouted Pirate Pete to his ship crew. “It is Halloween night. We are going to have a party!”

“Party time!” exclaimed Slappy, Pirate Pete’s best crew member. “Oh I can’t wait!”

“Me either,” said Rusty, another one of Pirate Pete’s crew.

“Everyone has to wear a costume,” said Pirate Pete. “There is a whole chest of old clothes down in the bottom cabin. You can find a good costume there.”

Rusty and Slappy both gathered the rest of the crew together and went down to the bottom cabin.

“Oh look,” said Slappy, all excited when he found a cowboy hat. “I’m going to be a cowboy.”

“I’m going to be farmer,” said Rusty, when he found an old pair of overalls and suspenders.

“Let’s go show Pirate Pete,” said Slappy.

“You go ahead,” said Rusty. “I’m going to round us up a couple of bottles of rum for this party.”

“Oh yes,” said Slappy. “Good idea.”

Slappy went to find Pirate Pete but he couldn’t see him at first, until he realized that there was a clown at the wheel.

“Gee, Pirate Pete,” said Slappy. “I almost didn’t recognize you. That is a good clown costume.”

“You think so,” said Pirate Pete.

“Oh definitely,” said Slappy.

“Where is Rusty?” asked Pirate Pete.

“He has gone to find some rum,” said Slappy.

“Oh what a guy,” said Pirate Pete. “We can’t have a party without our rum and that Rusty, I don’t know how he does it but he always has a way of finding a bottle or two of rum.”

“Well that was until now,” said Rusty. “We are completely dry of rum this time.”

“What!” exclaimed Pirate Pete. “No rum!”

“Sorry,” said Rusty. “No rum whatsoever.”

“Well how are we going to have a Halloween party with no rum?” asked Pirate Pete angrily.

“I got an idea,” said Slappy.

Slappy got a barrel and filled it full of sea water and added a dozen or so apples to it.

“What is this nonsense?” asked Pirate Pete.

“We can play bob for apples,” said Slappy.

Slappy put his hands behind his back and bent over and tried to bob for the apples but his cowboy hat fell into the water.

“Ha ha ha,” laughed Pirate Pete. “That looks like fun.”

Pirate Pete put his hands behind his back and bent over and tried to bob for apples. His rubber nose fell off.

“This is a little harder than I thought,” said Pirate Pete.

Rusty tried to bob for apples and he actually got one right away. Then he looked at the bottom of the barrel and he saw a few bottles of rum.

“Hmmmm,” said Rusty, emptying the water and the apples out that Slappy had put in that barrel.

“Why did you do that?” asked Slappy.

Rusty told Pirate Pete and Slappy to look at the bottom of the barrel.

“Rum!” exclaimed Pirate Pete. “I can’t believe it! Rusty found us some rum after all.”

Pirate Pete, Slappy and Rusty had a wonderful Halloween party and thought that they would make it an annual event.

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