Missy Big Words – Frondescent

On a bright and warm spring day, Missy Big Words was assisting her father in tidying up their cluttered garage. The sun shone brilliantly, casting a cheerful glow over everything it touched. Her father, Frank, was eagerly anticipating a surprise visit from his little sister, Molly, whom he hadn’t seen in years.

Suddenly, a cheerful voice called out from the driveway’s end, “Frank!”

Missy Big Words perked up at the sound and alerted her father, “Daddy, someone is here for you.”

Dropping his broom in a flurry, Frank stepped out of the garage, his face lighting up with recognition. He rushed to embrace the young woman, who returned his hug with equal warmth. After a moment, he stepped back, beaming with pride as he introduced her to Missy Big Words.

“My! My!” Aunt Molly exclaimed, her eyes twinkling with delight. “You were just a baby when I last saw you. You’ve blossomed into a beautiful young girl.”

Blushing at the compliment, Missy Big Words replied, “Thank you!” She then noticed something peculiar about Aunt Molly’s luggage. “Your suitcase is so frondescent!”

Aunt Molly laughed heartily, “Oh my! Your daddy was right about your love for big words. But do you truly understand what frondescent means?”

With a confident nod, Missy Big Words said, “It means lush and leafy.”

“You are absolutely correct!” Aunt Molly praised. “I chose this suitcase for its unique green leafy pattern—it stands out at the airport.”

Missy Big Words giggled, “I was actually referring to the long leafy vine trailing behind it.”

Turning to look, Aunt Molly discovered a vibrant green vine entangled with her suitcase, adding a natural flourish to its appearance.

“It seems my suitcase has embraced the spirit of spring and become truly frondescent,” Aunt Molly declared with a chuckle.

As they shared a laugh, the garage, once a place of work, transformed into a space of joyful reunion. The vine, a serendipitous addition, symbolized the renewal of family ties and the blossoming of new memories. Together, they looked forward to the season of growth and the many adventures that awaited them with Aunt Molly’s arrival.


Moral of this Story:

  • Embrace the unexpected moments in life, for they often lead to delightful discoveries and cherished memories.
  • Example: Aunt Molly’s initial annoyance transforms into appreciation as she recognizes the beauty in the unexpected vine.

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