Kitty Rock

“Hey Billy,” said Dianne, coming into the music studio with something behind her back.

“What sweetheart?” asked Billy, trying out some riffs for his new song.

“Well,” said Dianne, slowly showing Billy what she had behind her back.

“A kitten!” exclaimed Billy. “Dianne, do we have to?”

“But Billy,” said Dianne, with the saddest look on her face.

“Okay don’t tell me,” said Billy. “He’s a stray and we’re all he’s got.”

“Close,” said Dianne. “It is a stray but it’s a she.”

“Okay,” said Billy. “We can keep her on one condition.”

“What condition?” asked Dianne.

“She stays out of my music room,” said Billy.

The little kitten turned out to be madly in love with Billy. It followed Billy everywhere he went, including his music room and there wasn’t much Billy could do about it because every time he sat the kitten in the hallway outside the music room door, it would whine and cry until Billy couldn’t stand it any more. Once he let the kitten in the room with him, she curled up in a ball in the corner of the room and never once bothered him.

“Where’s Kitty Rock?” asked Dianne, a few nights later.

“Kitty Rock?” asked Billy, hoping that she hadn’t named the poor kitten that.

“The kitten,” said Dianne. “Where is she?”

Billy led Dianne down the hall to his music room and there was the kitten all curled up in a ball sound asleep.

“I thought she wasn’t allowed in here,” laughed Dianne.

“The only way I could get her to behave was to let her in,” said Billy. “She is actually a pretty cool kitten.”

“You know,” said Dianne. “She follows you around everywhere. That is why I named her Kitty Rock.”

“Well too bad she wouldn’t earn her keep,” said Billy.

“Maybe she already has,” said Dianne.

“What are you talking about?” asked Billy.

There in the music room, Kitty Rock sat with Billy’s guitar and was singing the best rock ‘n roll song that Billy had ever heard.

“Welcome to my band,” said Billy, taking the mic and singing with her.

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