Jayden’s Spring Fun

“Well,” said Jayden to herself, while sitting on the porch of her log cabin. “It is now spring and I just don’t know what to do.”

Jayden has a lot of friends but she is tired of doing things with her friends because all her friends just want to get into some kind of trouble. Jayden is a good little girl and does not want to do things that would get her into trouble.

Jayden sat for a long time thinking of what she could do when she saw her neighbour, a very nice elderly woman, come out of her house, just down the road.

“Well hello dear,” said the woman, waving at Jayden.

“Hello Mrs. Gibson,” said Jayden, waving back. “It sure is a nice day today.”

“Oh it certainly is,” said Mrs. Gibson, going into her garage and coming out a few minutes later with a wheel barrow full of flowers and earth. “It is time to do some planting.”

“Oh gee,” said Jayden. “Now that is a good idea. I’ve been sitting here for the longest time thinking of what I could do today.”

“Well my dear,” said Mrs. Gibson. “I sure could use some help and I have plenty of extra flowers if you wanted to plant some on your property.”

Jayden got off the porch and went over to Mrs. Gibson’s and helped her plant the flowers.

“My,” said Mrs. Gibson, at Jayden’s handiwork, once Jayden was finished. “The garden this year is going to be very colourful. Thank you my dear.”

“You are very welcome,” said Jayden.

Mrs. Gibson went into the garage and came out with another wheel barrow full of flowers for Jayden.

“You take these flowers,” said Mrs. Gibson. “And plant them on your property.”

Jayden was very grateful to Mrs. Gibson for giving her the flowers. She had a lot of fun helping out. Jayden took the wheel barrow and went home. She immediately planted them and she loved all the different colours and types of flowers that Mrs. Gibson had given her.

“It is definitely spring now,” said Mrs. Gibson, later that evening as she knocked on Jayden’s log cabin door.

“Oh yes,” said Jayden. “It is definitely spring.”

“Well,” said Mrs. Gibson, handing a box to Jayden. “Then I’m sure you’ll enjoy my home-made maple sugar pie.”

“Oh I’m sure I will,” said Jayden, delighted to have the pie.

“You did a lot of hard work for me today,” said Mrs. Gibson. “Enjoy!”


Moral of this Story:

  • Enjoy the little things in life.
  • Example: Jayden enjoyed the flowers Mrs. Gibson gave to her.


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