Caveman Jack’s Mother’s Day

Deep in the desert region of British Columbia, Canada, Caveman Jack just woke up from his nap. He went outside of his cave and was happy that the sun was shining. He did not like it when it rained but he knew that the plants and trees liked it very much.

Something caught Caveman Jack’s eye as he looked toward the east. There, in a field was the prettiest flower that he had ever seen. He went over to it and saw that it was a beautiful rose, a pretty pink rose. Caveman Jack bent over to get a closer look at it and that is when he got to smell the beautiful rose scent.

A picture of his Mother came into his head as he smelled the pretty rose. He knew his Mother would love that rose. He picked it, being very careful not to let the thorns prick him.

All the way back to the cave, Caveman Jack could only think of how much his Mother would love the rose. He thought about what a special Mother she was and how she took care of his every need throughout his life. He wanted to give the rose to his Mother in a special way. He wanted it to be a special day. He decided that he was going to call this day, Mother’s Day.

“Just for you,” grunted Caveman Jack, handing the rose to his Mother. “Just for you on Mother’s Day.”

When his Mother got the rose she absolutely loved it. He could see it in her eyes that she knew he was giving her something special. He knew that she knew it was now Mother’s Day.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is always nice to give something special to a loved one.
  • Example: Caveman Jack gave his mother a rose because he knew she loved them.
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