Jayden’s Mother’s Day

“What are you going to do for Mother’s Day?” Jayden’s friend, Sally, asked her, while they were studying.

“I’m going to get up real early and clean the house,” said Jayden.

“Really?” asked Sally. “I’m sure your Mom will appreciate it.”

“Yes,” said Jayden. “I know she will. I’m also going to cook a nice supper for her.”

“Wow!” exclaimed Sally. “Your Mom is lucky to have you around. I can’t cook and I’m not very good at cleaning.”

“Do you have any plans for Mother’s Day?” asked Jayden.

“No,” said Sally. “My Mom is kind of sick right now so I don’t know if she is going to be okay for Mother’s Day or not.”

“I see,” said Jayden, hanging her head down low, remembering that Sally’s Mother was sick from the cancer treatment she has been undergoing. “I’m sorry I mentioned it.”

“No,” said Sally. “It is okay. It is nice to have someone I can talk to.”

“I’ve got an idea,” said Jayden. “How about I come over to your place on Mother’s Day and I help you clean and you and I can cook a real nice dinner for her?”

“That would be wonderful,” said Sally. “But what about your Mother. I don’t want you to miss spending time with her.”

“How about I bring my Mother too?” asked Jayden. “That way you Mom and my Mom could spend time together while we do the rest. My Mother wants to meet your Mother anyway.”

Jayden and her Mom went to Sally’s house on Mother’s Day. The two Mother’s sat on the back porch, sipping lemonade while the two girls cleaned and cooked.

That evening, while Sally was helping her Mother to bed, her Mother whispered this into her ear, “Thank you, sweetheart. Thank you for the nicest Mother’s Day any Mother could ever have.”

“Jayden,” said Sally, a few days later, just out of the blue. “You are the absolute best friend that anyone could ever have.”

“Thank you,” said Jayden. “But I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“Because of you and your kindness,” said Sally, holding back the tears that were springing to her eyes. “My Mother had the best Mother’s Day, ever.”

“It wasn’t all me,” said Jayden. “You did a lot of it yourself.”

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