Spring Rains

The Desert Kid stood outside of his house looking at the dry landscape in front of him. For miles in each direction, he could see nothing but sand and clear blue skies. It happened to be the middle of May already and there was not a raindrop in sight.

“Even the cactus are starting to shrivel up,” said the Desert Kid to himself as he bent down to take a good look.

Cactus plants thrive in the hot desert sun however, even they need water to survive. This spring, there has been no rain at all and there should have been a couple of rain storms by now.

The Desert Kid went back inside and he thought he heard the sound of thunder as he closed the door. He opened the door back up and was very happy to see that the spring rains had finally come.

The Desert Kid quickly ran to the shed that was behind his house and set out the rain barrels that he had stored in there. He was going to capture every single drop of rain that he could. He would use the rain water to grow a vegetable garden in his back yard. In the desert, rain is as precious as gold is to a miner.

It rained non-stop for almost seven straight days. The cactus looked much healthier and there were even some fresh sprouts of green grass here and there. Snakes and gophers popped their heads from out of their holes and birds flew happily in the distance.

Desert life can be very harsh, especially if there is no source of water, however, life continued on for the Desert Kid and all the desert creatures for another season, thanks to the spring rains.


Moral of this Story:

  • Life carries on, rain or shine.
  • Example: Desert Kid knows that life in the desert can be tough but the desert plants and creatures will survive.

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