Tears of War – Chapter Ten

Shawna sat upright in her hospital bed holding her head in arms.

“Are you alright?” Mother asked Shawna.

“My head really hurts,” said Shawna, close to tears.

“I know,” said Mother. “It’s no wonder, with all that is going on with you.”

“I miss Daddy,” cried Shawna. ” I wish he was here right now.”

“I know you do,” Mommy cried too. “Tracey and I will be here for you. Shawna, just know that Daddy will be here just as soon as he can.”

“I guess that there are way more people in New York that actually need my dad more than I do,” said Shawna seriously.

Shawna,” said Mommy, between sobs. “You are so unselfish. Here you are getting ready to undergo a very serious operation tomorrow and I know that you really want Daddy to be there with you and yet you are willing to share him with total strangers. That is so wonderful.”

Mother and Tracey huddled around Shawna’s bed and the three of them cried together. All three were crying tears of war. All three were overwhelmed with sorrow for the victims of the worst disaster to hit American soil.

“Oh my,” said a nurse, who was coming into check on Shawna. “I don’t think there is a dry eye in this hospital today.”

“I would doubt if there is a dry eye anywhere,” said Mother, noticing that the nurse was wiping her eyes.

The day of Shawna’s operation finally came around.

“Daddy called me this morning and wanted to tell you that he wished you luck and that he loves you very much,” Mother bent down and whispered into Shawna’s ear as Shawna was being wheeled down to the operating room.

Mother saw the biggest smile come over Shawna’s face and that was when she felt that Shawna was going to pull through this operation with flying colours.

“Daddy!” exclaimed Shawna, two days after the operation, as soon as she saw him standing in the doorway of her hospital room.

“Shawna!” he cried giving her a big, but gentle hug. “I’m so glad you are alright! I wanted to be here with you for your operation.”

“Daddy,” said Shawna. “I’d much rather have you here a few days late than not have you here at all.”

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