Hot Summer Day

“Misty,” said Fluffy. “I think we should go to the park today.”

“Really,” said Misty, a little confused. “I thought you didn’t want to go to the park today.”

Misty had asked Fluffy earlier that day to go the park but Fluffy said she definitely didn’t want to go. Fluffy told her it was too hot to go to the park.

“Well,” said Fluffy. “It is too hot inside the house and I was thinking that it might be cooler at the park, under those big maple trees.”

“Yes,” said Misty. “It should be nice and cool at the park, especially underneath those big trees.”

“Well,” said Fluffy. “Let’s go!”

“Hey Fluffy,” said Misty, as they were just about to open the front door. ”We should have a picnic lunch at the park!”

“What a great idea!” exclaimed Fluffy.

Both Fluffy and Misty went into the kitchen. Fluffy grabbed a can of cat food out of the cupboard and Misty grabbed a small plastic bowl, filled it up with water and put a lid on it.

“Wait,” said Fluffy as they were almost out the door again. “We need a can opener for our cat food.”

“I’ll get one,” said Misty.

Misty went to the kitchen to get the can opener. She heard a loud bang of thunder and then saw a big bolt of lightning and then it started to pour.

“Well,” said Misty to Fluffy with a can opener in her paw. “So much for going to the park.”

“So much for going on a picnic,” said Fluffy.

“Just a minute,” said Misty, racing up the stairs as fast as she could go.

A few minutes later, Misty came down the stairs, with her favourite blanket.

“We can have our picnic right here,” said Misty, laying the blanket down on the floor in the hallway.

Misty sat down on one edge of the blanket.

“What a wonderful idea!” exclaimed Fluffy, sitting down right beside Misty on the blanket.

Misty opened the can of cat food while Fluffy poured some water for them.

“This is really nice,” said Fluffy, enjoying her picnic lunch very much.

A loud roar of thunder and a bolt of lightning seemed to shudder the whole house and then the lights went out.

“Oh no!” exclaimed Misty, sadly. “It’s dark in here and I can’t see.”

“Just a minute,” said Fluffy. “I’ll be right back.”

Fluffy got up from the blanket, leaving Misty behind.

“Oh Fluffy!” cried Misty, when she saw another bolt of lightning. “Hurry up! I’m scared to be by myself in the dark.”

“Ouch!” Misty heard, coming from the direction Fluffy went.

“Oh Fluffy!” Misty cried. “Are you alright?”

“Yes I’m fine,” said Fluffy. “I just stubbed my paw.”

“Oh you poor thing,” said Misty. “Are you okay?”

“Yes,” said Fluffy. “I’m fine.”

Fluffy came into the hallway carrying a candle.

“There,” said Misty, when she saw the soft glow of light. “That is much better.”

Fluffy and Misty both had a wonderful picnic lunch together and soon the storm subsided.

“We will have to do that again,” said Fluffy.

“Yes,” said Misty, blowing out the candle. “We will.”

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