Slow-Poke’s Stormy Day

“It is a beautiful sunny summer day,” said Slow-Poke Duck to himself. “I think I will go for a swim.” Slow-Poke slowly waddled down to the pond. The water was very cool against his pure white feathers. He was having so much fun swimming. “I hope it stays nice like this all day,” said Slow-Poke. […] Read More

Cold January Night

Racum Racoon was walking through the Big Dark Forest. It was a cold January night. He noticed that it was dark outside and it seemed like it was getting colder by the minute. Racum pulled up his collar on his coat and walked a little faster. “Racum,” Mrs. Squirrel called from her nice warm home […] Read More

Hot Summer Day

“Misty,” said Fluffy. “I think we should go to the park today.” “Really,” said Misty, a little confused. “I thought you didn’t want to go to the park today.” Misty had asked Fluffy earlier that day to go the park but Fluffy said she definitely didn’t want to go. Fluffy told her it was too […] Read More


“Hey Spot,” said Fawn looking out the kitchen window of the barn. “It is snowing really bad outside.” “Really,” said Spot. “I watched the weather this morning and they said we might get a few centimeters but I don’t think they said we are going to get a lot.” Spot went over to the window […] Read More

Thunder and Lightning

“No,” said Thunder. “By the way, my name is Thunder. What’s your name?” “Thunder,” said Lightning. “How odd! My name is Lightning.” “Boy,” laughed Thunder. “Mr. and Mrs. Williams sure picked out an original name for you.” “Mr. and Mrs. Williams didn’t pick my name out,” Lightning said. “Lightning has been my name since I […] Read More