Tears of War – Chapter Nine

“Shawna and Tracey!” exclaimed Mother, happily. “I just spoke with your father! He’s alright!”

“He is!” exclaimed Shawna and Tracey together.

“Yes he is!” exclaimed Mother. “Apparently your father managed to get out of the building before it collapsed.”

“I’m so glad he is okay,” said Shawna. “Did he say when he would be home?”

“Shawna,” said Mother. “Your father will be home just as soon as he can. New York City has been completely blocked off and the airports are closed.”

”Oh my!” exclaimed Shawna. “You mean Daddy can’t get home, even if he wanted to.”

“It’s a real mess,” said Mommy. “Apparently, both towers collapsed. Thousands of people have been trapped underneath the rubble.”

“You mean there is no more World Trade Center!” exclaimed Tracey.

“It’s a massive pile of rubble,” said Mother.

“Gee Tracey,” said Shawna. “Remember when Daddy took us there last summer.”

“I remember,” said Tracey. “I remember how tall the buildings were. It is so hard to imagine that the World Trade Center just isn’t there anymore.”

“It is very sad,” said Mother. “Your dad and his friend, Pete are helping with the cleanup effort.”

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