Bobby the Butcher’s Easter Dinner

“Mother,” said Bobby the Butcher, just sitting down to his Easter dinner. “Dinner looks so good. The Easter ham looks amazing. I have been looking forward to our Easter celebration. It has been a rough past few months.”

“Thank you,” said Mother. “Have you heard anything from your Aunt Jessica at all?”

“No,” said Bobby. “Not a word, since I banished her from the family for marrying that warlock, Desmond.”

“I just thought that with it being Easter that she would have come to her senses,” said Mother. “Your father and grandfather will be rolling over in their graves because of her marriage to Desmond.”

Bobby and Mother began to eat their Easter dinner when there was a knock at the door.

“Bobby,” said Jessica, when Bobby answered the door. “It is nice to see you.”

“What do you want?” asked Bobby, coldly.

Bobby saw Desmond walking up the stairs to the front porch. He was just about to close the door on them.

“I just want to bury the hatchet,” said Jessica with tears in her eyes.

“Come in,” said Bobby, feeling sorry for Jessica. “Mother and I are enjoying an Easter ham dinner. You are welcome to join us.”

“We would love to,” said Jessica.

Mother quickly set two more plates on the table. Jessica and Desmond filled their plates and began to eat.

“Bobby,” said Jessica. “I miss your Easter hams. They are always so delicious.”

“Thank you,” said Bobby.

Bobby was happy that Jessica showed up but, he still remained guarded around her. After all, she was still with Desmond and he was someone that he could not trust completely.”

Despite his dislike of Desmond, Bobby did notice that Jessica seemed happy. That was one thing he had always wanted for her.

“I am glad you showed up,” said Bobby, giving Jessica a hug as her and Desmond were getting ready to leave.

“I am too,” said Jessica, giving Bobby a kiss. “Happy Easter, Bobby.”

“Happy Easter to you as well,” said Bobby.


Moral of this Story:

  • Sometimes you have to swallow your pride and forgive.
  • Example: It took a lot but Bobby the Butcher forgave his Aunt Jessica for marrying Desmond, the warlock.
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