The Easter Bunny Forgot It Was Easter

Forgetful Fred’s wife, Sarah, woke up very early on Easter morning. She was searching for her Easter gifts but for some reason, she couldn’t find them.

“That is strange,” said Sarah to herself. “I have looked in all the usual hiding spots and some of the unusual ones but I can’t find a thing.”

Sarah thought long and hard and then suddenly she thought about what might have happened.

“I bed Forgetful Fred forgot all about Easter,” said Sarah to herself.

Sarah was disappointed. She went into the kitchen and cooked breakfast.

Forgetful Fred woke up and he too searched for his Easter gifts. He couldn’t find any either.

“Sarah,” said Forgetful Fred, coming into the kitchen. “Where are all the Easter gifts?”

“I don’t know,” said Sarah. “I couldn’t find any either. I thought maybe you forgot all about Easter.”

“No,” said Forgetful Fred. “Not this time. I know I forget a lot of things but I promise I didn’t forget Easter.”

“That is strange,” said Sarah.

“I bet the Easter Bunny forgot about Easter,” said Forgetful Fred.

“You think so,” said Sarah.

“I am going to find out,” said Forgetful Fred.

Forgetful Fred went to the Easter Bunny’s home. He found the Easter Bunny outside his den, tending to his flower garden.

“Look at how beautiful these tulips of mine are this year,” said the Easter Bunny, when he saw Forgetful Fred walking toward him.

“They are beautiful,” said Forgetful Fred. “I think you are forgetting something very important though.”

“Me,” said the Easter Bunny. “Whatever would I forget?”

“What is today?” asked Forgetful Fred.

“It is Easter,” said the Easter Bunny. “Easter! Oh dear! I have forgotten all about Easter. How could I have done such a thing?”

“If you hurry,” said Forgetful Fred. “You can still have all the Easter gifts delivered before the end of the day. I will help you.”

Forgetful Fred helped the Easter Bunny deliver Easter gifts to all the good little boys and girls around the world. With Forgetful Fred’s help, he was finished in no time at all.

“I still have two giant Easter eggs left in my basket,” said the Easter Bunny, handing them to Forgetful Fred. “These are for you and Sarah. Happy Easter!”

“Happy Easter to you as well,” said Forgetful Fred, taking the two giant Easter eggs and heading home to Sarah.


Moral of this Story:

  • Don’t jump to conclusions until you have all the facts.
  • Example: Sarah just assumed that Forgetful Fred was the one that forgot Easter.
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