The Colour of Honey

Beatrice Bee was flying around Storyland on a very warm summer day. She spotted a very colourful house below. She flew down and landed on the front porch.

While sitting on the front porch, Beatrice noticed that there was an open window. She also noticed that there wasn’t a screen on the window. Beatrice flew into the house.

“A bee!” screamed a young man, who was holding a paint brush in his hand.

The man swung the paint brush around, swatting at Beatrice with it. He missed it but he did end up splashing some paint on the brush onto a painting he had just finished.

“My painting!” screamed the man. “Look at what you did! My painting is ruined.”

Beatrice Bee flew down and took a good look at the painting. She didn’t think it was ruined at all.

“I don’t think it is ruined at all,” said Beatrice. “I noticed that the colour you just splashed on there is a honey colour.”

“Honey!” screamed the man. “What do you know about honey colour? I happen to be the artist here, not you!”

“Well,” said Beatrice. “I happen to be the bee here and I do think bees know a lot about honey.”

“I am sorry,” said the man, thinking about what the bee had just said to him. “I guess you would know about honey since you do make the stuff. By the way, my name is Colour Kid.”

“It is nice to meet you,” said Beatrice. “My name is Beatrice Bee. I guess you would know a lot about different colours.”

“I do,” said Colour Kid. “I am always looking around for new colours.”

“That is interesting,” said Beatrice.

Colour Kid and Beatrice Bee had a great time discussing different colours. The two became quite good friends.

“Come back anytime,” waved Colour Kid when Beatrice was leaving. “Let me know if you come across any new colours on your travels.”

“I will,” said Beatrice, flying away.


Moral of this Story:

  • Don’t underestimate what a bee knows.
  • Example: Beatrice Bee knows a lot about the colour of honey.

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