Polydactyl Cat

It was a rainy summer day and Arrow and Cutie were bored. Cutie sat on the kitchen floor looking at her brother. She noticed his big front paws. She had always wondered about them but never asked him about them. She thought this would be a good time to ask him about them.

“Are you sure that you are a cat?” Arrow’s sister, Cutie, asked.

“That is a pretty silly question to ask,” said, Arrow.” Why would you ask me that?”

“I was just looking at your front paws,” said Cutie. “You have big front paws. They are huge.”

“That is because I have an extra toe on both my front paws,” said Arrow, lifting up one front paw to show Cutie.

“Your paws look like baseball mitts,” said Cutie.

“Yes,” said Arrow, looking at his front paws. “Mommy says I am a polydactyl cat. She also says I am
a special cat.”

“Well,” said Cutie. “I think you are special too.”

“You do?” asked Arrow.

“Of course,” said Cutie. “I think you are very handsome and I love you and your big paws.”

“I love you too,” said Arrow.

Cutie did love her brother more than anything. Even though he had big front paws, she never teased him. She knew better than that.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is not nice to tease someone because they are different.
  • Example: Cutie did not tease her brother, Arrow, because he has extra toes on his front paws.


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