Beatrice Bee on the Farm

Beatrice Bee flew around Storyland. She saw a farm just outside of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. There were two cows standing in the field. One cow was black and white and the other was brown and white.

“They look friendly,” said Beatrice. “I think I will go visit with them.”

Beatrice saw a rock in between the two cows. She thought the rock would be a good place to land. Slowly and carefully, she made her way to the rock. Unfortunately, a huge gust of wind picked up and Beatrice found herself on the nose of the brown and white cow.

“A bee!” screamed the brown and white cow.

“Fawn,” said the black and white cow, when she saw the bee on Fawn’s nose. “Stay calm and stay quiet. The bee won’t sting you if you do as I say.”

“But Spot,” said Fawn. “What if the bee stings me on my nose? That is going to hurt.”

“I won’t sting you,” said Beatrice. “I meant to land on the rock between you and your friend, Spot, but the wind picked up and I ended up on your nose instead.”

Fawn felt relieved to know the bee wouldn’t sting him. He bent his head down toward the rock. Beatrice jumped down from Fawn’s nose and jumped onto the rock.

“Who are you?” asked Fawn.

“My name is Beatrice Bee,” said Beatrice. “I am visiting Storyland. I saw you and Spot in the field. You looked like friendly cows so I thought I would come for a visit.”

“Beatrice,” said Spot. “Fawn and I are very happy to meet you.”

“I am happy to meet you two as well,” said Beatrice. “It is a beautiful summer day.”

“It sure is,” said Fawn.” Spot and I are out here in the field enjoying the warmth of the sun.”

“I love summer weather,” said Beatrice. “It is the best weather to make honey.”

“You make honey?” asked Fawn.

“I sure do,” said Beatrice.

“I would love some honey,” said Fawn.

“When I make some,” said Beatrice. “I will give you some but I didn’t know that cows liked honey?”

“We don’t,” said Spot. “However, Fawn is different. He likes french-fries and orange pop”.

Beatrice laughed at what Spot told her. Fawn and Spot became good friends with Beatrice and as promised, she brought Fawn some honey. Fawn enjoyed the honey very much but he did get some on his nose and it was very sticky.

“I forgot to tell you not to get any honey on you,” said Beatrice. “It is very sticky.”

“Yes,” said Fawn. “It sure is.”

Fawn leaned over and gave Spot a kiss. Spot licked her lips.

“For something so sticky,” said Spot. “Honey sure does taste good.”

“Now I know two cows that like honey,” laughed Beatrice.


Moral of this Story:

  • Honey is very sticky.
  • Example: Fawn got honey on his nose and found out it was very sticky.

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