Caveman Jack is Thankful for his First Turkey Day

It was an unusual warm autumn morning. Caveman Jack had just woken up. He could smell something cooking in the fire pit outside and it smelled amazing.

“Mother!” exclaimed Caveman Jack, seeing his mother standing over the fire pit. “What are you cooking? It smells amazing.”

“Father brought us a wild turkey,” Mother said.

“Turkey!” exclaimed Caveman Jack. “I can’t wait to eat some.”

Caveman Jack was so hungry. The smell was making his stomach rumble.

“How long until we eat?” asked Father, coming into the cave with an armful of carrots and potatoes.

“It will be a few hours,” said Mother.

Caveman Jack and Father were mesmerized by the smell. They weren’t leaving the fire pit until that turkey was cooked. Meanwhile, Mother washed the potatoes and the carrots and put them into the fire.

“It is ready now,” said Mother, a few hours later.

“I am so thankful for this turkey dinner, said Caveman Jack, after eating a fair portion of it. “It is so good.”

“It certainly was,” said Father, gently patting his stomach.

“We need to do this at least once per year,” said Mother.

“Yes,” said Caveman Jack. “We should have it every October.”

“That sounds like a plan,” said Mother.

“We should have a celebration with it,” said Father.

“Let’s call it Turkey Day,” said Caveman Jack.” We are all thankful for that excellent meal.”

“Turkey Day it is,” said Mother.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is nice to celebrate with family.
  • Example: Caveman Jack and his family celebrated Turkey Day together.
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