Becky Bobcat’s Christmas Miracle

“It is a beautiful Christmas Eve day,” said Becky Bobcat, who was standing in front of her bedroom mirror, making sure that her thick winter coat of fur was brushed properly. “It would be a good time to collect some winter berries for Christmas dinner.”

Becky Bobcat was going to grab her scarf and hat but she felt that she didn’t need them because it was nice outside.

Becky Bobcat knew of a berry bush that had the sweetest tasting winter berries on it. It was quite a distance away but she did have a few hours to get there. As she walked further and further away, Becky Bobcat noticed the wind was picking up. Her ears were starting to get cold.

“I should have brought my scarf and hat,” said Becky Bobcat to herself. “That wind is getting quite nasty.”

About a half an hour later, it started snowing out. It wasn’t just a little bit of snow either. It was building up into a blizzard. Luckily though, she was at the bushes that had the winter berries on them. She picked the berries she needed and then turned to head back home.

“Oh dear!” cried Becky Bobcat. “Everything is covered in snow. I don’t see which way I came from. I am lost!”

Becky Bobcat searched around for any kind of landmark but the only thing she saw, besides snow, was the winter berry bush.

The snow was piling up deeper and deeper. Becky Bobcat was cold, hungry and scared. She ate a few berries and then she noticed that it was starting to get dark outside.

“It is Christmas Eve,” cried Becky Bobcat. “I don’t want to spend Christmas out here in the woods all by myself. I want to go home. I am going to need a Christmas miracle!”

Becky Bobcat no sooner had said the words, “Christmas miracle”, when she heard the sound of sleigh bells. She looked up into the sky and she saw Santa Claus.

“Santa!” screamed Becky Bobcat. “I am down here in the winter berry bush.”

“I see you,” said Santa, landing the sleigh close to the winter berry bush. “I was just on my way to your house to drop off your Christmas gifts.”

Becky Bobcat was so happy to be back home. She made Santa and herself a cup of hot chocolate.

“Merry Christmas,” said Santa, getting back into his sleigh.

“Merry Christmas,” waved Becky Bobcat. “Thank you for my Christmas miracle.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is important that we are prepared for weather conditions in the winter.
  • Example: Despite the initial pleasant weather, Becky Bobcat’s decision to not take her scarf and hat led to a challenging situation.

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