Mr. Iceman

“It is a wonderful icy day here in Calgary, Alberta,” shouted Mr. Iceman at the top of his lungs. “Oh, how I love the ice!”

Mr. Iceman walked along the streets of downtown Calgary. Every step he took, he left an icy footprint behind him. What he didn’t notice were the people behind him slipping and falling on the ice.

“Stop that man!” yelled an elderly man trying to get up from the ice he had just slipped on. “He is creating havoc on the streets downtown by covering them in ice!”

Mr. Iceman turned around and faced the elderly man.

“What do you mean I am creating havoc?” asked Mr. Iceman. “I am just out taking a walk.”

“I have been watching you for the last two blocks,” said the elderly man. “I don’t know how you are doing it but you are covering the sidewalk with ice each step you take. People are falling and slipping on the ice. Someone is going to get hurt.”

“Okay,” said a police officer, who was trying to get to Mr. Iceman and the elderly man, but kept slipping on the ice. “What is going on? Why are the sidewalks so icy?”

“I am making them icy,” admitted Mr. Iceman. “I want the whole city of Calgary to be covered in ice.”

“That is absurd!” yelled the elderly man.

“Sir,” said the police officer, putting his finger to his lips. “I will take care of this. Now, Mr. Iceman, why would you want to cover the whole city of Calgary in ice? Do you not realize how dangerous that would be? People would be falling and slipping everywhere. It would cause mass chaos on our city sidewalks and roads. There would be accident after accident. People would get seriously hurt.”

“Do you not see the beauty in ice?” asked Mr. Iceman.

“I’m afraid as an officer of the law,” said the police officer. “That no, I don’t see the beauty in it.”

A little boy stepped out of the crowd and stood facing Mr. Iceman.

“That is pretty fine ice you have made,” said the little boy. “It is even better than the ice we skate on. You should get a job making ice at the arenas in the city. That way, you would be doing something good with your skills.”

“That is the best idea I have ever heard,” said the police officer.

“It figures it would take a young child to come up with such a brilliant idea,” said the elderly man.

Mr. Iceman loved the idea. He applied for the job of ice-maker that very day and by the next day he was hired as the official ice-maker. Never have the arenas had such excellent quality ice. Everyone was very pleased with the outcome.


Moral of this Story:

  • Always try to do good things with skills you have.
  • Example: Mr. Iceman was causing chaos by making the streets of downtown icy but a boy mentioned that his ice was very good and he should get a job at an arena.

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