Ugly Sally and the True Meaning of Christmas

“You look like you lost something,” said Julia, Ugly Sally’s best friend.

“No,” said Ugly Sally, who was walking up and down the hallway at school. “I haven’t lost anything. I am trying to find the true meaning of Christmas.”

“I don’t think you are going to find it here,” said Julia, just as she was being pushed by several students trying to rush to get to their classes.

“You are right,” said Ugly Sally. “Let’s get to class.”

After school that day, Ugly Sally went to the mall. The mall was busy. There were a lot of people coming and going. Lots of people had many shopping bags with them. Most seemed very busy, pushing and shoving their ways through the crowds. They didn’t seem to care about anyone but themselves.

Ugly Sally went home. She saw her father sitting in his favourite lounge chair, reading the newspaper. She saw her mother in the kitchen making dinner. As soon as she walked in the doorway, she felt love all around her.

“We have a surprise for you,” said Mother.

“What?” asked Ugly Sally. “What is the surprise?”

“Your Uncle Joe is going to spend Christmas with us after all,” said Mother.

“Really!” exclaimed Ugly Sally, happily. “I thought he didn’t want to.”

“Your father went to talk to him,” said Mother. “He told Uncle Joe that we think it is important that he spend as much time with you as he possibly can to make up for all the years he has lost being away from you. We feel that he is a big part of your life. After all, he is your only living relative.”

“You know something,” said Ugly Sally, tears streaming down her face. “I searched high and low today to find the true meaning of Christmas. I think I have found it right here in my own home with you and father.”

“We love you with all our hearts,” said Mother. “And have since the very day your father found you alone in the cabin sixteen years ago.”

“I love you and Father as well,” said Ugly Sally. “I don’t care that you are my adoptive parents. To me, you are the only parents that I have ever known. Merry Christmas, Mother.”

“Merry Christmas Ugly Sally,” cried Mother.

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