Trickster Bunny’s Tricky Christmas

“Trickster,” said Mother. “Be a good bunny and come to bed. It is almost time for Santa Claus to bring your presents. He will be upset if he sees you still awake.”

“I wanted to stay awake,” said Trickster. “I wanted to see him.”

“Santa is magical,” said Mother. “You will never see him.”

“Please Mother,” said Trickster. “I want to do this.”

Mother reluctantly went to bed. She knew she couldn’t change Trickster’s mind.

Trickster sat on the sofa in the living room and stared at the Christmas tree. The lights on the tree looked beautiful at first but after awhile they just seemed to blend in with each other. Trickster soon found that he couldn’t keep his eyes open. He was falling asleep.

“This is trickier than I thought,” said Trickster.

Trickster went into the kitchen. He saw Santa’s glass of milk and plate of cookies on the kitchen table.

“I need something to eat,” said Trickster.

He thought about eating Santa’s cookies but then he knew that wouldn’t be fair to Santa so he went over to the cookie jar and got himself a cookie. Just as he took a bit of his cookie, he noticed the cookies and the glass of milk on the table were gone. All that was left were a few cookie crumbs.

“Santa Claus is here!” shouted Trickster.

Trickster ran back out into the living room. He saw the Christmas tree had tons of presents underneath it. He looked over at the fireplace and he saw the stockings that he and his ten sisters hung there were stuffed full of goodies. And then he caught a glimpse of a red suit going up the chimney.

Trickster ran outside and on the roof of the den, were eight reindeer and then he saw Santa Claus waving to him.

“Merry Christmas,” called Santa from the sleigh. “Go to bed now Trickster. Go get some sleep.”

“I will,” waved Trickster. “Merry Christmas, Santa.”

Moral of this Story:

    • There is no sense waiting up to see if you can see Santa Claus.
    • Example: Trickster Bunny wanted to see Santa Claus. He waited up but just when he went to get a cookie, Santa came.
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