Mr. Winter

Mr. Winter was very happy with himself. He made a very important decision. He decided that he was finally going to ask Penelope to marry him.

Mr. Winter and Penelope had been dating on and off for the last two years.

“I have realized that I can’t live without my Penelope,” said Mr. Winter to himself as he rang Penelope’s doorbell. “I love her so much!”

“Mr. Winter,” said Penelope, opening her door. “I wasn’t expecting you.”

Mr. Winter took a white velvet box out of his pocket and got down on his knees.

“Penelope,” said Mr. Winter, taking a deep breath. “Will you marry me?”

“I can’t,” said Penelope. “I married Mr. Smith instead. You took much too long to ask me.”

Mr. Winter didn’t say a word. He stood up, put the white velvet box back into his pocket and walked away.

“It is a fine winter day,” a passerby stated.

“Fine for who?” asked Mr. Winter coldly.

“Fine for everyone but you,” said the passerby, walking away.

“Mr. Winter,” he heard his office assistant Emma, calling him from the next block. “I need you to sign some papers. Are you coming back to the office?”

Mr. Winter put his head down and walked right past her.

“Mr. Winter!” Emma continued calling to him. “I need those signed by end of day today.”

“Don’t care,” said Mr. Winter. “Leave me alone.”

“But,” said Emma. “They are time sensitive documents. We can’t buy the new equipment we need to complete that project. If you don’t sign the papers, we are going to lose the contract.”

“Get Mr. Sampson to do it,” said Mr. Winter.

“Okay,” said Emma, surprised that Mr. Winter would let Mr. Sampson sign anything.

“Good day,” said Mr. Winter coldly. “I don’t know why you couldn’t have thought of that yourself.”

Emma was crushed. Mr. Winter had never talked to her that way before. She turned and walked back to the office.

Mr. Winter walked to his apartment and went inside. He ignored all phone calls and text messages. He did not want to talk to or see another human being.

“What is going on with you?” asked Mr. Winter’s housekeeper the next morning, when she showed up for work and Mr. Winter was lying on the sofa in the living room still dressed in the same clothes he had on the day before. “I have never seen you like this.”

“I am fine,” snapped Mr. Winter.

The housekeeper had left and Mr. Winter was all alone.

“I really thought she was the one,” said Mr. Winter, tears running down his face.

Penelope not wanting to marry him really messed him up and he knew that he would never be happy ever again.

Mr. Winter turned into a nasty, cold, calculated and lonely old man.


Moral of this Story:

  • Some people’s actions can really hurt others.
  • Example: Mr. Winter proposed to Penelope but she told him she had already married someone else.

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