New Years Eve

“Let’s have a New Years Eve party,” said Fawn.

“Sure,” said Spot. “That sounds like fun.”

“I’ve already asked Ricky and Jenny if they can come,” said Fawn.

“Can they?” asked Spot.

“Ricky and Jenny said they come as long as their dad can drive them down,” said Fawn.

“Oh I hope that Ricky and Jenny can make it,” said Spot.

“Oh,” said Fawn. “Me too!”

Fawn and Spot went into town that afternoon and bought all kinds of treats for their New Years Eve party. They spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning up and preparing for their guests.

Fawn and Spot paced the barn around 8:00 pm. They were wondering where Ricky and Jenny were.

“Oh I do hope that they come,” said Fawn.

Around ten o’clock there was still no sign of Ricky and Jenny.

“Looks like they aren’t going to come,” said Fawn, looking at the clock.

“You spoke too soon,” said Ricky and Jenny as they walked into the barn.

Ricky and Jenny got big hugs from Fawn and Spot. Everyone was very happy to see them.

“This is the best New Years ever,” said Fawn.

Ricky and Jenny danced with Fawn and Spot and they ate lots of treats. Spot passed around hot chocolate to everyone. Then, the clock struck twelve and everyone shouted, “Happy New Year!”.

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