Christmas Snow

“Oh look,” said Poor Mountain Sister. “It is snowing!”

“Wonderful!” exclaimed Poor Mountain Mother, wiping her hands on her apron as she came to look out the window of the log cabin. “It is so beautiful!”

“Yes,” said Poor Mountain Sister.

Poor Mountain Father came into the cabin, just covered from head to toe with snow.

“Looks like we have our Christmas snow after all,” he said.

“Yes,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “This is definitely Christmas snow.”

“What is the difference between regular snow and Christmas snow?” asked Poor Mountain Brother, coming into the kitchen.

“Well,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “Regular snow is just plain snow but Christmas snow is special. It is lighter and fluffier and just special.”

“Does Christmas snow only fall on Christmas?” asked Poor Mountain Sister.

“Christmas snow usually falls either on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “And since it is Christmas Eve, this is definitely Christmas snow.”

“Can we go outside and play in it?” asked Poor Mountain Brother.

“Sure,” said Poor Mountain Father. “But dress warm, it is cold outside.”

“Okay,” said Poor Mountain Brother, grabbing his coat and boots.

“Beat you!” exclaimed Poor Mountain Sister, getting her coat and boots on before her brother.

The two Poor Mountain children when outside. It was a crisp, clear day, cold but beautiful. The children looked around the mountain and they stood very still when they saw a mountain sheep standing at the top of the mountain right beside where they were standing. They stood very still, watching the mountain sheep. They watched him as he walked up the side of the mountain.

“That is amazing,” said Poor Mountain Sister, after the mountain sheep disappeared from sight.

“Yes,” said Poor Mountain Brother. “I don’t know how they can climb those steep mountains without killing themselves.”

The Poor Mountain children had a riot playing in the fresh snow. They made laid down in the snow and made angels. They played outside for about an hour.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Poor Mountain Sister, pointing to a bright star in the sky. “What is that?”

“It can’t be!” exclaimed Poor Mountain Brother. “It looks like Santa Claus.”

“We’d better get inside,” said Poor Mountain Sister.

“Yes,” said Poor Mountain Brother.

Poor Mountain Sister and Poor Mountain Brother went inside and after they had some hot chocolate and marshmallows, they went straight to bed without a hassle.

“Boy,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “That Christmas snow sure worked wonders on the children.”

“Oh,” said Poor Mountain Father, looking out the window and seeing a bright object in the sky. “I don’t think it was the Christmas snow this time.”

“Yes,” said Poor Mountain Mother, seeing what he was looking at. “I guess you are right!”

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