Christmas Safety

I was recently visiting with Travelin’ Rick. Travelin’ Rick is a character from the Storyland website. Travelin’ Rick has visited Santa Claus several times and I thought he was the perfect one to get some Christmas safety tips.

“Hi Safety Kid,” said Travelin’ Rick as I stepped off the airplane in British Columbia, Canada. “It sure is nice to meet you.”

“You too,” I said, shaking Travelin’ Rick’s outstretched hand. “I’ve been looking forward to this visit. I can’t wait to see Santa Claus!”

“Yes,” said Travelin’ Rick. “Santa Claus is quite the character.”

From the airport Travelin’ Rick and I hopped on a small aircraft and flew to Alaska and then from there we took a pack of sled dogs and a young Inuit guide and started our long trek to the North Pole. Part way there, one of the sled dogs were beginning to get a sore paw. I pointed it out to Travelin’ Rick. He immediately stopped the whole team and got out to check the dog’s paw.

“Oh,” said Travelin’ Rick. “This isn’t safe for the dogs. His paw is getting cut on the sharp ice. This could cause some major problems for them. Our guide had the perfect solution to this problem. He took some little booties out of his pocket and the three of us placed them on the feet of the sled dogs.

“There,” said Travelin’ Rick. “That should solve that problem.”

We finally arrived at the North Pole and Santa Claus came out of his castle to greet us. I noticed that he was wearing just his pajama’s.

“Why Santa Claus,” I said to him. “That isn’t very safe to be running around in your pajama’s. You are going to catch a death of cold.”

“No,” said Santa Claus, laughing a jolly good old laugh that you would expect from him. “These aren’t my pajama’s. These are my long underwear. I was just going to slip into my red suit and then I heard the door bell.”

“I suppose your long underwear should be warm enough,” I said as I followed Santa Claus and Travelin’ Rick into the castle.

“Good evening Travelin’ Rick and Safety Kid,” said Mrs. Claus, carrying a big tray of home-made cookies into the study.

“Be careful,” I said to Mrs. Claus, as I noticed that she almost tripped on a pair of Santa’s big black boots.”

Santa Claus went over and picked up his boots and set them on a mat by the front door.

“Good golly,” said Mrs. Claus. “You two should come visit us more often. Santa is always leaving his boots sitting out.”

Santa’s face turned red and before I could say anything to him he said to me, “I promise that won’t happen again.”

Travelin’ Rick and I had a riot with Santa Claus and his wife. It sure was a lot of fun watching his elves at work too. We went down to his big workshop later that evening.

“You’d better watch you don’t poke your eye with that chisel,” I said to one of the elves as I watched him work.

“I’m okay,” said the elf. “I have a pair of safety glasses on.”

The next morning Santa Claus took us out to the barn to see the reindeer. Oh, I had so much fun with the reindeer. It was definitely the highlight of my trip. They were so soft and so velvety to the touch.

“I wouldn’t put my hand too close to their mouth’s,” Travelin’ Rick said to me as he watched me trying to feed them.

“Oh no,” said Santa Claus. “Safety Kid has the right idea. It is perfectly safe to feed them as long as you leave your hand wide open.”

Santa Claus and I showed Travelin’ Rick how to safely feed the reindeer. He had so much fun with the reindeer too.

Unfortunately, our visit to Santa’s castle had come to an end. Well, all in all, our visit proved to be a pretty safe visit. We had definitely broken Santa’s bad habit of leaving his boots all over the house, we watched the elves work in a safe environment with their safety equipment and we taught Travelin’ Rick to feed the reindeer safely.


Moral of this Story:

  • Even Santa Claus has to be safe.
  • Example: Safety Kid gave Santa Claus advice on being safe in his castle.

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