Little Lost Puppy

“Fawn,” said Spot, while they were enjoying their afternoon walk on Christmas Eve. “What is that behind that tree?”

Fawn took a good look at where Spot was pointing.

“I think it is a puppy,” said Fawn. “It sounds like he is crying.”

“Oh dear,” said Spot. “I wonder why he is crying.”

“Maybe he is lost,” said Fawn.

“Maybe,” said Spot. “Let’s go find out.”

Fawn and Spot went over to where the puppy was. He was definitely crying because he had big tears rolling down his cheeks.

“What is wrong?” asked Spot, gently.

“I’m lost,” cried the puppy, even louder now. “I went for a walk and I walked farther than I should have and now I don’t know where I am.”

“Oh don’t cry,” said Fawn. “We can help you.”

“You can,” said the puppy, wiping his paw across his cheek to try to dry off the tears.

“Sure we can,” said Spot. “We can help you find your owners.”

“Oh goodie,” said the puppy, wagging his tail because he was feeling much better already.

“You may as well come home with us,” said Fawn.

“Yes,” said Spot. “At least that way you’ll be warm.”

Fawn and Spot went back to their barn and the puppy followed right along behind them.

“I’m hungry,” said the puppy, as soon as they got in the doorway.

“I’ll fix you something to eat,” said Spot.

Spot went into the kitchen to find something for the puppy to eat, while Fawn took the puppy into his room with him.

“Wow!” exclaimed the puppy, seeing wrapping paper laying all over Fawn’s room. “What is this?”

“I was in the middle of wrapping up a present for Spot,” said Fawn. “Do you want to help me with it?”

“Sure,” said the puppy. “That would be fun!”

The puppy sat and had a sad look on his face.

“Why are you so sad looking?” asked Fawn.

“Well,” said the puppy. “I might not get my Christmas presents, if I soon don’t get home.”

“Don’t worry,” said Fawn. “We’ll make sure you get home for Christmas morning.”

Mr. Hansen came down to the barn later a few minutes later.

“Oh hello little puppy,” he said, patting the puppy on his soft head. “Where did you come from?”

“He got lost,” said Spot, carrying a plate of food for the puppy to eat.

“We have to find his owners,” said Fawn. “Or else he won’t have a Christmas.”

“Leave that up to me,” said Mr. Hansen. “I’ll take care of it.”

Fawn and Spot had a lot of fun that afternoon with the puppy. They got him to help with wrapping gifts and they also got him to help decorate the Christmas tree and just when they were finished putting the angel on the top of the tree, they heard a knock on the door.

“Oh there you are, you silly little puppy,” said a stranger.

“You must be the owner of the puppy,” said Fawn.

“Yes,” we are said the puppy’s owner. “My little puppy went for a walk today and didn’t come back. We were very worried about him but then we bumped into Mr. Hansen and he asked us if we were missing a puppy. Sure enough, it is our puppy!”

“Come on puppy,” said the puppy’s owner. “We have to get ready for Christmas!”

The puppy jumped into his owner’s arms and licked his face all over.

“Thank you very much,” said the puppy’s owner to Fawn and Spot. “I appreciate you watching out for my little puppy.”

The puppy’s owner reached into his pocket and handed Fawn and Spot each a candy cane.

“Thank you,” waved Fawn with one hand, while trying to take Spot’s candy cane with the other.

“Why are you trying to take my candy cane?” asked Spot.

“Because you don’t eat candy canes,” said Fawn. “Only I do.”

“True,” said Spot, giving Fawn her candy cane.

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