Sammy Salmon

One bright, sunny day, Sammy Salmon was swimming in the deep waters of the Pacific Ocean. He loved the ocean because it was so vast and clean. His whole family lived in the ocean and have lived there for many years. Sammy always heard stories about the long treacherous trip that each family member would have to take every four years. Sammy was looking forward to this trip because he had a sense of adventure in him. He had always heard about the great waterfalls, mountains and rivers that he would see.

This fall was going to be Sammy’s trip inland to spawn. He was very excited about it. Sammy’s grandfather, a ghost, came to speak to him the morning of the trip.

” I see you are ready for your trip,” said Grandfather. “Sammy, I don’t want to frighten you but there is something you must know. The trip that you are taking this year is going to be your last trip.”

“But Grandfather,” said Sammy. ” I don’t understand what you’re saying. Why is this going to be my last trip?”

“Sammy,” said Grandfather. “I know this is difficult for you, however, my time has come. You know that every four years we must take this trip. Those of us who make it to our destination have one purpose and that purpose is to make way for our future. Once we have secured our future, it is time for us to move on so that we can make way for the next generation.”

Sammy just sat there. He didn’t know what to say. He was not going to come back to his family. He would not be able to swim in the Pacific Ocean ever again. He was scared.

“Oh Sammy,” said Grandfather. “We have to hold our heads up high and make this journey with pride.”

Sammy swam up the river that day and he did hold his head up high, just like his Grandfather wanted him to. He saw many new things that day.

“Grandfather,” said Sammy, when they reached a huge waterfalls. “How am I ever going to get up that waterfall?”

“You’ll do it,” said Grandfather. “Just keep jumping.”

Sammy finally did make it over that waterfalls and he did exactly what his grandfather had told him and he did it with pride.

“This is for you Grandfather,” said Sammy, once he reached his destination.

Sammy knew that his grandfather had heard him and he knew that he was going to help the next generation survive.

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