Forgetful Fred Forgot his Raincoat

Forgetful Fred had left for work. His wife, Sarah, was in the kitchen doing the dishes. She happened to look out the kitchen window and she didn’t like what she saw.

“It is another rainy spring day,” sighed Sarah. “I do hope Forgetful Fred took his raincoat to work with him.”

Sarah finished doing the dishes. She was going to go upstairs but then she noticed Forgetful Fred’s raincoat was hanging over the back of a chair they had in the hallway.

“I should have known,” said Sarah.

Sarah grabbed the raincoat and she drove downtown to the advertising agency Forgetful Fred worked at.

“Sweetheart,” said Forgetful Fred, when he saw Sarah at his office door. “What a nice surprise!”

“Where is your raincoat?” Sarah asked, hiding his raincoat behind her back.

“It is in the closet, “said Forgetful Fred, going over to the closet to check.

“Are you sure?” asked Sarah.

“Well that is funny,” said Forgetful Fred, scratching his head. “I was sure I hung it up in here.”

“You couldn’t have,” said Sarah, showing Forgetful Fred the raincoat she had behind her back.” I found this on the back of the chair in the hallway.”

“Oh dear,” said Forgetful Fred. “I guess I forgot it. Thank you for bringing it. It would have been a very wet commute home? How can I ever repay you?”

“How about lunch?” asked Sarah.

“It’s a date,” said Forgetful Fred, almost walking out of the office without his raincoat.

“You are forgetting something,” said Sarah, holding the raincoat up for him to put on.

“Oh dear,” said Forgetful Fred. “How forgetful of me.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Try to remember to take everything with you when you leave your house.
  • Example: Forgetful Fred forgot his raincoat at home.

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