Trickster Bunny’s Spring Antics

“I am so happy today,” said Trickster. “It is a beautiful spring day. The sun is shining and it is so warm outside.”

Trickster was so happy that it was finally spring. He started hopping around the field beside his den.

“Hop, hop, hop,” sang Trickster as he hopped and hopped. “I am having so much fun.”

Trickster’s ten sisters saw what he was doing. They all thought it looked like so much fun. They joined their brother in the field.

“This is so much fun,” said Frannie, Trickster’s oldest sister.

“It is,” said Isabella, Trickster’s youngest sister.

The eleven bunnies were enjoying themselves, hopping up and down. They were enjoying the warm spring day. It is nice to get outdoors,” said Frannie.

“Yes,” said Isabella. “It sure is. We have been stuck in the den for much too long.”

“It has been a very long winter that we just had,” said Trickster.

The bunnies were hopping around and laughing. They saw Trickster’s best friend, Fred Fox, walking through the field toward them.

“Hello,” said Trickster. “Come join us, Fred. We are having such fun.”

“I would love to,” said Fred. “But, I have a ton of work to do. It is going to snow tomorrow.”

“I think you are playing a trick on me,” said Trickster. “It can’t snow. It is now spring.”

“It can snow,” said Fred. “And, it is going to snow.”

Fred left but the bunnies kept hopping around the field. They didn’t believe Fred at all. That evening all eleven bunnies went right to sleep. They were exhausted from all the fresh air they got that day and all the exercise they got as well.

“It looks like Fred was right,” said Trickster, looking outside the next morning. “We have almost a foot of snow outside.”

“We should have believed him,” said Frannie.

“Yes,” said Trickster. “We should have.”


Moral of this Story:

  • We should pay more attention to the weather sometimes.
  • Example: Trickster and his sisters didn’t listen to Fred Fox when he told them it was going to snow.
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