BC Mountains

Have you ever wanted to be somewhere so bad that you can’t stop thinking about it day and night and it is driving you absolutely crazy?

This summer, I was lucky enough to spend almost one whole month in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada. It was an experience that I will never forget for as long as I live and it is one that I never want to forget. It is also an experience that is kind of haunting me now as I cannot get the urge to want to be there again, out of my mind.

So, why am I so stuck on the mountains? It must be because the Canadian Rocky Mountains are grand and majestic and they have a beauty all of their own. To see mountain tops with snow on them in the middle of July, was just breathtaking. To see mountains that were covered in pine trees and oh, the one thing I remember the most, is the fresh smell of the pine! Oh, the scent of pine was so invigorating.

It was an exhilarating experience to drive through the windy mountainous roads, never knowing what is going to be around the next bend. Each and every bend that we drove on brought us a whole new mountain scene. That I remember commenting on several times on our trip. My breath was taken away many times with each and every bend. One bend, we saw tall mountains, the next bend we would see a grand waterfall, the next bend a mighty river flowing and the next bend a family of wild mountain goats standing right in the middle of the road!

I remember as we were driving through the mountains that most of the time my eyes were peeled out the window, straining them at some points, to catch a glimpse of wildlife. We saw so much wildlife this summer that it still amazes me! We saw everything from buffalo, to bear, to deer, to moose, to elk and the most amazing wildlife that we ever saw was a bald eagle circling above our campsite!

At one time, seeing a white-tail deer standing on the side of the road, was breathtaking. However, now for us, a deer is boring. I mean, how can you compare seeing a white-tailed deer standing on the side of an Ontario highway, to seeing a bald eagle circling right above your head, in the middle of absolutely nowhere! There is no comparison. There is nothing at all that will ever take that image away from my mind, absolutely nothing!

This summer, we saw so many forests and if anyone ever tells me that there is a lack of trees in Canada, I’m sorry, but I am going to have to tell them to give their head a shake. We saw mountains and valleys with tall pine trees for as far as your eyes could see! I’m talking thousands and thousands of acres of pine trees, not just a few trees here and there but thousands and thousands of them.

One thing I remember too about our trip to the BC mountains was the colour of the water in the rivers and lakes. Oh, there is no way you can describe the colour of the clearest waters in our country. These rivers and lakes were so pure and so clean! They were the bluest of blue and so crystal clear!

We went on many walks through the mountainous regions of BC this summer! I never felt so good, breathing the fresh mountain air! It was really something to walk among the tall pine trees and look up at a pure blue sky with not a cloud in sight. We were able to find a few campsites that were on the BC Forest Service Roads and we had the whole campground to ourselves! What a feeling that was! To be all alone in the middle of nowhere, with absolutely nobody to bother you! It made me feel like I was in heaven and I really think that I was in heaven this past summer!

I guess it is no wonder I dream day and night of the mountains of BC. I want to go there again so bad that it is driving me insane. I have made up my mind that I want to retire in the mountains in BC! That is my goal in life now and I will work very hard to make sure that goal comes true!


Moral of this Story:

  • The BC Mountains are breathtaking.
  • Example: I loved my trip to the BC mountains.

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