Grouch Land

Some people are so grouchy sometimes that they need to go to a place all of their own and that is why I have come up with a place called Grouch Land. Grouch Land isn’t a village or a town or a city. It is just a place where people go when they are grouchy. It is a safe place and nobody ever gets hurt in Grouch Land. Grouch Land is just a place where grouchy people can cool themselves down and get into a better mood so they can join the rest of us who are not grouchy.

The reason I came up with the idea of Grouch Land is that it isn’t fair for people who aren’t grouchy to have to live with people who are grouchy. Some people are grouchy only some of the time but there seems to be some people who are grouchy all of the time. Grouchy people can be very hard to live with and deal with.

What is in Grouch Land to make people not be so grouchy? Grouch Land is full of all kinds of things to help grouchy people feel better. There is chocolate and other snack foods. Grouch Land contains photographs of family and friends smiling. Grouch Land contains the favourite music of any person that visits Grouch Land.

I guarantee that anyone that visits Grouch Land will not be grouchy for long and then they can come and live in our land once again.

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