Warm and Fuzzy

What makes my heart warm and fuzzy? My little kitten purring loudly in my ear. My kittens purr makes me smile and it makes me feel good because I know that my little kitten is happy and that is very important to me.

What makes my heart warm and fuzzy? A bright sun shining over the tops of the mountains in British Columbia. Sunshine in the mountains is the most beautiful sight that anyone could ever experience. As a matter of fact, rain, snow or even sleet would make my heart warm and fuzzy as long as it was in the mountains.

What makes my heart warm and fuzzy? Little prairie dogs poking their heads out from their holes in the flat prairie ground. Nothing is so precious than to spend some time watching them go from hole to hole and chatter back and forth to each other. Prairie dogs are so cute!

What makes my heart warm and fuzzy? A baby bison playing in the prairies on a warm day. What a sight to see! It is the most precious thing, a little baby bison kicking up his heels and chasing after his mother.

What makes my heart warm and fuzzy? Sitting by a campfire in the middle nowhere in British Columbia, with my family. Nothing will ever take this memory away from me. Absolute beauty surrounded by absolute love! Who could ask for anything more than that.

What makes my heart warm and fuzzy? The sound of the water rushing over rocks in the Columbia River in British Columbia on a warm, summer day. It is absolutely the most beautiful spot in the whole wide world. Being able to dip your warm body in the cool, clear water was absolute pleasure.

What makes my heart warm and fuzzy? Seeing a bald eagle circling right over your head in the middle of nowhere, in British Columbia. This was one sight I will never forget and the most beautiful sight of all times. In fact, it was so beautiful that it took my breath away and now, the words still won’t come to my mind as to how to describe this most beautiful sight that I have ever seen.

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